Why team work is key
Kristof and Sander know each other for quite some time now and have been working on projects together ever since. This two-man show believes in the true concept of a team, meaning that one plus one often equals more than just two.
Despite thinking about it for quite a long time, it was only recently we have started opening up this team to get more people involved in the Appgrade way of things.
By knowing each other's strenghts and weaknesses, we complement each other in getting the job done while keeping an open mind for suggestions and communicating transparently. According to us, clarity to the customer and passion for our job are the key things that make a project succeed.
The team
Sander likes spending a lot of time on the web reading about the newest developments in the IT landscape and trying them out. By doing this, he can suggest the right tools for the right job. He believes great teamwork is one of the factors for a successful project.
Kristof is more of a people person and loves investing time trying to find the best solution possible so that the customer is completely satisfied. Transparent communication is key to achieve this!
Laurens loves rapid development and creating concepts to push technologies to their limit. A long list of projects and having encountered different work styles and technologies make him an asset in any team.
Are you also interested in joining our team? Drop us a mail and we can talk over a cup of coffee to see if you're the right person to fit in!
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